How to say no?

January 27, 2016 by
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There are moments in your life when you get really (and I mean really good) proposals/offer. In any other moment you would agree and accept it without any hesitation and yet you are in a moment you … just can’t. Maybe you dreamed about such an offer maybe you thought about such one and considered it as a perfect opportunity. But the timing is in that moment absolutely against you. All signs of that proposal can lead to positive feeling, all people around (or at lest most of them) would consider you are crazy that you hesitate. And you feel, you have to postpone your decision and accept the risk of loosing this offer.

I got such offer last week and I see lot of pros – many of them I just thought “it would be nice to have/to be/to can” – now I can have them and still I go in risk to loose it. Life is funny as exactly right now I see no other way than to risk it – after I passed one chance (and I do not feel sorry for this one) I got another and … I can loose it too. The proposal, other would catch immediately, other would be happy for that, exactly such proposal is on the table in stake.

What is worse – this proposal can be one of my last chance to get “higher” but it came to soon. And in a moment I recommend others to follow their “first feeling” and go for it, I have to … cheat and try to get some time 🙂 So be it.

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